Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Nerds With News & Links - 4/8/09

What could be better than Dark Horse Comics' series of LITTLE LULU trade reprints? How about reprints of every other wonderful thing John Stanley has done, from MELVIN MONSTER to NANCY & SLUGGO?

- Drawn & Quarterly starts to bring it all back this month. Stanley is one of the old school greats. Read all about it here: [Newsarama]

- Only in a recession can someone have the balls to complain that a Pixar movie should compromise quality in the name of commercialism: []

- Fleischer's Superman cartoons are finally getting a proper DVD release after years of public domain knock-offs. Here's a taste in case you forgot how influential these shorts still are today: [CBR]

- My buddy Rob has more blogs than Veronica Lodge has shoes in her closet (Yeah, Archie joke!). Of particular interest is one called Hey Kids Comics which collects childhood anecdotes about - What else? - comic books. You should check it out and read an embarrassing tale from my misspent youth: [Hey Kids, Comics!]

- Why doesn't this new WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE poster show a Wild Thing?

What? It's where?



  1. I'm part of an Archie joke? Sweet!

  2. Great set of links. Fans of John Stanley should check out the Stanley Stories blog too. Lots of great examples of his work there.