Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Random Floppy Review: THE WORLD OF CARS

Damn shame about this one. It just doesn't work on any level.

Granted the source material is Pixar's weakest film. Despite that, the CARS franchise continues to reap the studio's largest pile of merchandising cash. This comic is just another piece of licensing - another toy or sleeping bag.

The script is a rehash of the film's Hero-Learns-Humility plot. Whereas the movie could at least fall back on some kinetic thrills to pad out the story, the comic fails to bring these speeding cars to life. It's panel after flat panel of static images with banal word balloons pasted in. Dig these pages at if you don't believe me. That first page loaded with type and head-on medium shots is sure to capture kids' imaginations. After that we have the supposed money shots of Lightning McQueen tearing up the raceway, but it just doesn't flow as it should. They look like toys sitting on the page. The coloring? It doesn't help. The best I can say is it looks like a coloring book completed by someone very good at staying inside the lines. I can't even say anything nice about the lettering when you have such confusing balloon placements as this:

This is truly the weakest of the new line. With THE INCREDIBLES and THE MUPPET SHOW* you can tell the creators have been inspired by the source material to make something exceptional. The inspiration for THE WORLD OF CARS has obviously come from Disney's merchandising department.

*Review coming Friday. Spoiler: It's awesome.


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