Thursday, January 14, 2010


Is Spidey getting rebranded?!

Last week internerds all across the web were gobsmacked by the news of Spider-Man's cinematic reboot. Plans are underway to send Peter Parker back to high school and focus on the web-slinger's teenage years.

Today Marvel has announced a rebooting of their Marvel Adventures line. First act of business? Send Parker back to high school! From

Marvel is proud to announce a bold new beginning for the critically acclaimed Marvel Adventures line with SPIDER-MAN #1 and SUPER HEROES #1! Perfect for readers of all ages, these two all-new series are the perfect jumping on point for readers new and old with oversized debut issues, packed with a full length all-new stories and bonus back up stories, just like the comics from when you were a kid! Subsequent issues will be regular sized and priced at $2.99, perfect for everyone’s summer reading!

Doesn't that cover art look like a fine design for a new Spider-Man animated series? You know, something that could pull in the male viewers that have long eluded Disney? That's what I thought. But then I have a lot of crazy ideas.

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