Monday, May 18, 2009

Random Floppy Reviews: INCREDIBLES & CARS

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The premiere issue of THE INCREDIBLES opened with a big old superhero battle against robots and dinosaurs. Issue 2 opens with Mr. Incredible trying to open a jar of pickles. This is just as challenging for the big guy because he's mysteriously losing his super strength. As the action slows down a bit,the humor picks up. Mark Waid is capturing the cadence of the film's characters without simply retreading material from the film. You can actually hear FroZone's voice in your head as he and Incredible nosh on pickles in the family kitchen, trying to figure out the source of the problem. There's a visit to a cool sc-fi laboratory where the attending eccentric scientist type runs various bizarre tests on Mr. Incredible, then another job for the entire family complete with a school bus in peril. It's another fun issue with a clever lighthearted cliffhanger ending. This story arc should make for a good trade edition.


Last month I had the unfortunate duty to inform you that THE WORLD OF CARS was thoroughly lame. Issue 2 performs an amazing feat. It's actually lamer. Just look at that cover. I mean really, that's all the review you need. As with the THE INCREDIBLES, there's less action to be found in the second issue. Unfortunately there's absolutely no engaging storytelling to fill the void. It's just more boring panels of boring cars talking to each other. About boring stuff, by the way. The story further details the exciting account of how Lightning McQueen must swallow his pride in order to get corporate sponsorship. Kids love that kind of stuff. The whole corporate sponsorship plot is what made Speed Racer such a box office smash last year.

THE INCREDIBLES #2 and THE WORLD OF CARS #2 both hit the stands this Wednesday, May 20.

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