Friday, May 8, 2009

Nerds With News & Links - 5/8/09

So this week we fired up the Twitter thingy. When you click the nerd bird link up in the corner you can get a buncha news and links to cool stuff on the internets. Every Friday we'll compile all the tweets for a big old weekly round-up of comic book fun and shenanigans.

Behold, the week that was:

- The new Star Trek is getting good reviews from the geeks and the normals. That's quite a feat. IDW has it's own tie-in prequel comic. But more importantly, they're also releasing a brand new Star Trek 2 adaptation. What? Star Trek 1&3 had comic adaptations, but Wrath of Khan didn't? 27 years later IDW brings Kirk's perm to comics!

Read all about it HERE.

- The King of Comics meets Sir Paul:

Read all about this historic meeting and see a Kirby sketch of Magneto blasting Paul McCartney & Wings out of the palm of his hand at the Beatle Photo Blog.

- Not a comic, but it's probably going to be the best movie of the summer. has a clip from Pixar's Up right HERE.

- There's a National Cartoonists Day? And it was this past Monday? Really?! Richard Thompson, creator of CUL DE SAC (one of the few funny syndicated strips out there) on what we should have done to honor the holiday:

You may be wondering, "How can I best celebrate this festive day?" You might consider:

Finding a cartoonist near you and mowing his lawn, at least the front lawn (especially the hard part with the hill).

While you're at it trim his shrubs, so the mailman can find his front door again.

Does his house need vacuuming? Well, what are you waiting for?

Who left all these dishes in the sink?

The cats; somebody feed the cats.

You could take him to lunch at the Mexican place down the street, where they're having some no doubt cartoonist-related celebration.

For God's sake laugh at his cartoons. If they appear in a newspaper, buy extra copies (or multiple subscriptions, even) and laugh at them too.

Visit his blog, Richard's Poor Almanac, for more fun and larfs.

- Dark Horse released it's latest LITTLE LULU collection, THE ALAMO AND OTHER STORIES, last week. It's from the Irving/Tripp period and is reprinted in full color. It really doesn't get better than that. Get a load of this page if you don't believe me:

- What can DC do to make me look forward to its upcoming WEDNESDAY COMICS anymore than I already am? How about a preview of some beautiful METAL MEN pencils by the legendary Jose Luiz Garcia-Lopez?

- It's kind of hard to believe there was once a time when Prince Valiant was fun and exciting. Preview Fantagraphics' exclusive limited edition PRINCE VALIANT archive. Gorgeous Hal Foster artwork, circa 1937-38, never before reprinted in this country.

- I'm baffled by the enormous success of the FEMALE FORCE line of biographical comics. I can see the Obama/Spider-Man comic turn into a popular "collectors item." I can even understand the novelty of a Sarah Palin comic attracting a lot of curiosity seekers. But Bluewater Productions has continued to sell out their awful political biographies. Who's buying these things? Clueless teachers? Misguided parents, perhaps? Anyway, Graphic Novel Reporter has an interview with the editor HERE.

And regardless of what I just said, I hope Rob Liefeld never ever stops drawing Obama comics.

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