Friday, April 10, 2009

Nerds With News & Links - 4/10/09

Did you know Mickey Mouse starred in a version of Dante's Divine Comedy? Man, you can get away with all sorts of crazy shit in Europe! If EuroDisney park had a Mickey's Inferno ride it would have cleaned up.

Read all about it here: [THE BEAT]

You can get that issue, translated to English, through the Amazon link below:

The back-up feature is back, baby! DC counters the recent price hike by kicking it old school and adding 10 page back up features to select titles: [The New York Times]

The one that's making my socks jump up and down is METAL MEN by J.M. DeMatteis. I love DeMatteis, I love robots, and I love quirky silver age throwbacks. Here's what he had to say to

"There's a real sense of fun and play with the Metal Men," the writer said. "You know going in that this isn't going to be Unrelentingly Grim. That doesn't mean we don't take the characters seriously — we do — just that it's clear the moment you see this team of goofy robots that it's going to be a fun ride."

The writer said the 10-page stories will have an over-arching story that continues from issue to issue, but the creators want to keep each individual story to one or two parts.

"It's actually very refreshing. Not a lot of pressure. Go in, do your song and dance for 10 pages, and then get out," he said. "I also think that many of us have been overindulged by the Grand Comic Book Epic. It's nice doing shorter pieces and stand-alone one-off stories. And, in some ways, it's more challenging. You can't drag the thing out for twelve issues and work out your plot problems six months down the line."

You can read the whole interview here: []

MY MOMMY IS IN AMERICA AND SHE MET BUFFALO BILL - Maybe not for kids, but this preview looks wonderful. The pages shown here could fit in the YA category. I'll let you know as soon as I read it: [New York Magazine]

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  1. I'm jazzed about the back-ups, and I didn't know JMD was writing Metal Men--I'll definitely be picking it up because of that.