Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nerds With News & Links - 4/15/09: 80 Page Giant Superhero Editon

For no particular reason, here's a collection of super hero items:

- asks some creators how they think super hero comics can get back into more kids' hands these days. Props to Chuck Dixon for telling them to go to the library. Read it HERE.

- Happy 50th anniversary to SPIDER-MAN ADVENTURES! Dig it - A kid friendly series of self-contained stories has made it to fifty issues and lead the way for an entire line of similar titles. Congratulations, Wall Crawler. Now go get yourself something to eat. Yeesh.

- TINY TITANS #15 is out today. It's recent Eisner nomination is earning it some attention. Check out the interview with the writers HERE.

- After careful consideration, I've decided that no artist can draw exciting panels of cars sitting around talking, even if they are transforming alien robot cars. EVIDENCE.

- How cool is SUPERGIRL: COSMIC ADVENTURES IN THE EIGTH GRADE? Read a preview HERE to find out.

- MARVEL ADVENTURES SUPER HEROES #10 is out today and - Damn that's a big ant! -

- Next week's BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #4 gets the WTF Award for this stunning depiction of Batman jumping into the mouth of a T-rex as Aquaman arrives in his golden chariot. Of course.

- SUPER FRIENDS #14 - How cute; lookit the Super Pets with their little capes. But why are you so sad, octopus? Oh, you have no cape!

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