Friday, April 24, 2009

Kids' Comic Con 2009

Every year Wizard World comes to Philadelphia and every year I think about taking my daughter. Then I think about all the half naked models and the din of ultraviolent video games and the Lou Ferrigno. Most importantly, I think about how even your average issue of Fantastic Four is rated T+, which means it's inappropriate for anyone not in high school. That's the team with a scientist named Mr. Fantastic who can stretch himself into the shape of a trampoline, by the way. That book isn't written for kids anymore. It's difficult to find anything a child will enjoy at any major comic book convention. That's because most comic books are made for the people of my generation who grew up with them and still like to read about superheroes. But apparently since we're so mature now we need to see the heroes slaughter the villains and we need every heroine to look like a blow-up doll in fetish gear... because that's mature entertainment. This would be fine if it weren't for the fact that this stuff dominates the entire market. Blame Nintendo all you want, but the biggest reason kids don't read comics anymore is because it's so damn hard to find a comic they can enjoy. A comic that isn't full of joyless heroes and floating watermelon boobs and twenty years of convoluted continuity that pretends to be epic drama.

That's basically why I started this site; To help parents find the good stuff that's out there and to seriously explore the art form.

And that's why the annual Kids Comic Con could be the most awesome thing since ever. From their press release:

The KIDS COMIC CON 2009 is set for April 25th at Bronx Community College (181st Street & University Avenue, Bronx, NY 10453). And yep, even though the economy is struggling like Superman surrounded by Kryptonite, the KIDS' COMIC CON 2009 is still FREE for children 17 and under (and hey, Mom and Dad, its just $5 for you - making the KIDS' COMIC CON one of the best entertainment values around).

This isn't just a place to see new and interesting comics. It's also full of workshops for adults that examine the art and industry of kids comics. And there's twice as many workshops for kids about creating comics.

KCC creator and founder Alex Simmons:

“Our primary goals at the KIDS' COMIC CON are to promote reading and creativity in kids’ lives,” Simmons said. “Now more than ever it is imperative that we supply kids with a continuous flow of positive ideas, skills, and outlets for their thinking as well as self-esteem building activities, like creating from their own imaginations. No matter what path a kid’s life takes, having a solid habit of reading and being able to think, synthesize ideas, and come up with new concepts or fresh ways of looking at things will help them succeed. That’s what we do here, and it is all fun.”

Still need more incentive? Hows about a few names from the guest roster?

Chris Giarrusso, artist of Mini Marvels characters
Danny Fingeroth, writer
Dave Roman, of Nickelodeon Magazine
Jim Salicrup, Editor-in-Chief of Papercutz
Scott Cunningham, writer of kids’ comics for Archie, DC, etc.
Scott Gimple, creator/executive producer of Disney’s Fillmore cartoon series

Oh and these publishers:

Toon Books
Archie Comics
DC Comics
(Credit where is due - while half of the Marvel Adventures titles read like halfhearted pandering, the DC Kids line offer a lot of fun and creativity. DC seems a lot more interested in cultivating a younger readership.)
Random House for Kids
Museum of Comics and Cartoons (MOCCA)

So this Saturday grab your kids or your sister's kids or any other kids you know and take them to the Bronx. They'll thank you for it.

Visit the official site for all the info:


  1. While I applaud their efforts, how f**king RIDICULOUS is it there needs to be a separate comic con for KIDS???