Monday, April 27, 2009

Hey Nerds, Preview Comics!

I used to read a few pages of MARVEL TEAM-UP in the 7-11 to see if it was worth my fifty cents. One time the guy behind the counter actually used the this isn't a library line on me. Seriously, that's what he actually said. Even as a fifth grader I was appalled by his lack of creativity. But now thanks to this glorious series of tubes we call the internet you can preview a few pages of ARCHIE DOUBLE DIGEST without being harassed by a Slurpee-jerk. Just scroll down and to your left and dig all the Preview Links.

I've just added links for THE MUPPET SHOW #2 (I'll have a full review of that up for you tomorrow), MARVEL ADVENTURES: THE AVENGERS #35 (featuring Batroc The Leaper , yeah!), and a whole bunch of ARCHIE previews!

Keep coming back as we're always throwing something new in there.

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