Thursday, April 16, 2009

Farewell, MAD KIDS. We Hardly Knew Ye.

A few months ago the usual gang of idiots at MAD magazine took a hit. MAD was reduced to a quarterly publishing schedule and the brand new MAD KIDS was taken behind the woodshed and shot twice in the head. It's kind of a modern miracle that MAD still exists at all, especially as a magazine. After The Onion made the move to the WWW. it took MAD's place as the nexus of cultural satire. But MAD magazine still serves an important purpose - keeping comics on the newsstands. There are precious few comic magazines left in the world.

With that in mind, I recommend heading out to your local hometown B&N Big Box Bookstore and buying the last issue of MAD KIDS while you still can. It's got some old school Don Martin, an iCarley interview and even a scathing look at the lives of the Obama girls entitled Cool And Not So Cool Things About Living In The White House. They still don't care whose toes they step on!

Preview the historic last issue of MAD KIDS HERE.

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